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"Works Great on Lion and Mountain - Requires Quick Time 7.6.6 - Not QT 10"

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.avi files now play in QuickTime 10.1 or later without any plugin or conversion.

.wmv files require QuickTime 7.6.6 with Perian 1.2.3.

Mac Perian works just fine in SL, Lion and ML. It's QT 10 that's the problem. Fortunately, QT 7.6.6 still works great. Trash QT 7.7 if found.

Find the QuickTime 7.6.6 Installer in the Extras folder of the SL, Lion and ML Iinstaller or download it free from Apple. Run the installer. It defaults to the Utilities folder. Do Not Move it to the Applications Folder or it will conflict with QT 10 (required by System). If you have a QT 6/7 Pro Key for the Mac, open QT 7.6.6 and install your key by going to Registration.

Once you have downloaded and installed Perian 1.2.3 and QT 7.6.6, you must do the following:

Do a Get Info on any .wmv file. Select Quick Time Player 7 for Open With.

It must say Quick Time Player 7. If not in the menu, select Other, navigate to your Utilities folder and then select Quick Time Player 7.

Check the box to Open All.

  • Works great with supported files
  • Doesn't work with QT 10. Must install QT 7.6.6 (same as QT Pro users)

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20 Sep 2012

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